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Meet Your Day-To-Night Affordable Dress Choices

May 26, 2016 3 min read

Have you ever thought: 'The world just needs more affordable dresses?'

Yes, we have too. In fact, we created Ferlicious for the girls that need affordable dresses of top-quality, and ones that can be worn in different occasions. Speaking of which, do you attend to various events, whether corporate or leisure based - but don't know what dress to wear?

Well today, we are aiming at you, girl. And to all those girls who need affordable dresses for their work duties, after work events and nights out. Or to put it in another way - for all the girls who want to shine and never fail to make a first impression with the right dress.

Today, we are listing your go-to style from the morning to the night hours. Ok, let's start.

7:00 AM - The Wake-Up Call

Ok, it's another day at the office. And you need to stay up until 4 PM, right?

Our choice is this amazing business style look which you can effortlessly wear and shine on your office activities. No matter what your job position is, this dress says nothing but 'Promote me!' in a nice and suitable manner.

You can combine this look with a red or black purse and similar shoes. We recommend a ponytail - as the hairstyle that will draw the attention on this magnificent dress. And the best part about this dress?

Wearing it and undressing it is as easy as A-B-C. All you need to do is zip up - or zip off!

6:00 PM - The Dinner

Congratulations! You survived another hectic day at work and it's time to treat yourself. The nearby restaurant looks fine, and your high school friends are in. But what to wear?

We recommend this amazing dress which is comfortable and really breathes. If you are asking why 'breathes' is important in all this, come on - is there a woman wanting to tie herself again after a hard day at work?

Keep it simple with this combination and make sure to wear some flats on your legs, giving them rest after the hard day at work. You can insert just a few lines of makeup and keep it simple. We assure you that your dress will get the most of the looks!

10:00 PM - The Night Out

Supposedly, it is Friday. And Fridays are all about going out. Cocktails and drinks have never been any better. But what to wear? 

Meet the new you - with this amazing dress designed to tailor your nights out in a fashionable manner. Shine with style, but never forget to spice up the whole look with a great makeup - and preferably a red lipstick. Everyone loves red lipsticks, right?

You can combine this amazing blue dress with black shoes, leggings and earrings. Our choice of hairstyle would be long. Just let it out girl, you deserve it - after the long day!

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