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Size Guide

Our measurements are taken when:

1) the piece of clothing laid flat & relax (not stretched) on a flat & hard surface.

2) Place the measuring tape flat upon the respective areas.

3) For areas such as armpit to armpit, waist, hips, thigh, readings are times 2 to get the circumference/1 round/perimeter before displaying on the size chart.

4) Other areas such as shoulder, sleeve length, overall length are shown as times 1/length/1 side length.


How to get Size Right?

It is super easy! You just need to measure your favourite dresses that you have been wearing daily. Then, match these numbers with our size chart.

1) Pick a dress that fit you so comfortably well that you keep wearing it on a daily basis.

*This dress has to be made of non-stretchable material.

*It would be even better if it is of a similar cutting as the dress that caught your eyes on our site. (e.g. Pick a high waisted dress if that dress you about to order is high waist. Pick a shift dress if that dress you about to order is shift dress.)

2. Place your dress flat & relax (not stretched) on a surface that is flat & hard (e.g. a table)

3. Measure from armpit to armpit across, then take this reading and times 2. This is the PTP measurements stated on our website.

Also, measure the waist line and times 2 if there is a definite waist. 

4. Compare the measurements against our size chart. If the measurements is in between two sizes, take the bigger size if the fabric (of the cloth that you want to order) is non-stretchable.

*Please Note that the resulting size you get from the size chart should not be too far off from your usual size! (e.g. if you used to wear Size S, you should not be getting XL)

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If you have purchased from us before, let us know which item fitted you well so we can advise better!